Qigong and meditation retreat 2023

One week retreat in Italy 

Arrival: Saturday 26 August

Departure: Friday 1 September

Costs: retreat includes room & board. Two person bedroom 950€  (single room 1180€)

Register deadline: 20th of may
(for later registrations please send an email to: tigerbuddharetreat@gmail.com)

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Please let us know if you have specific food intolerance.
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The Qigong of the 5 animals is an ancient Chinese art of movement that playfully connects us with the very different energies of the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water

The bear, heavy, soft and shaggy with seemingly clumsy movements, fluffy and warm on the outside, strong on the inside, centered and with maternal protective instincts. It is associated with the element of earth. 

The crane, long and sinewy, with large wings, cuts through space, carried by the air, circling alone, it represents the metal element.

The tiger, dangerous, full of power and fast, a lurking hunter, a quick-tempered force like the wood element. 

The deer, flexible, always alert, an animal of flight, swift, with elegant majesty like the element of water. 

The monkey represents the element of fire. Their mind is quick, movements nimble. They are curious, witty, cheeky, self-centered, but also warm-hearted and calm.

In the movements of the 5 animals, we experience the elementary forms of energy as part of the self which enables us to understand the emotions connected to these energies and to open our mind, heart and body.

Sitting meditation will be part of the program as expressed in the Chinese term jingzuo ‘sitting in silence’

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